A list of abuses of Terri Schiavo

From www.zimp.org/abuse

1. No therapy or rehabilitation since 1992, despite medical records indicating that Terri is responsive.
2. No swallowing test or swallowing therapy since 1993, despite medical testimony that Terri can be taught to eat.
3. Ordered caretakers not to clean Terri’s teeth since 1995. This has resulted in the removal of five of Terri’s teeth in April 2004.
4. Fraudulently placed Terri in Hospice (2000).
5. Refuses to allow Terri to leave her room. Terri has not been outside since 2000.

6. Refusal to fix wheelchair since 2000.
7. Schiavo continues his failure to submit timely guardianship plans.
8. Refuses to allow Terri to practice her Catholic faith by attending weekly mass.
9. Removed Monsignor Malanowski from visitors list accusing the Monsignor of criminal conduct.
10. Denied Terri Holy Viaticum.

11. Ordered Terri’s shades down at all times (2004).
12. Michael Schiavo has been engaged since 1995, and has cohabitated and fathered two children with this woman while still married to Terri.
13. Schiavo ordered doctors not to treat Terri who had a life threatening infection 1993 & 1995.
14. Schiavo removes family pictures from Terri’s room, denies flowers from family and friends, denies certain CD’s to be played for Terri, and refuses to allow Terri to listen to music with headphones.
15. Schiavo refuses to release medical information to parents since 1993 despite court order requiring him to do so.

16. Terri’s 800K Medical Trust specifically for her therapy and rehabilitation has been used to pay Schiavo’s attorneys for their efforts to kill her.
17. Limited visitors list that must first be approved by Schiavo and will remove visitors at own discretion.
18. Removed parents and siblings from visitors list totaling eight months 2001 - 2004.
19. Denies all requests for Terri to attend nursing home functions, and refuses to allow therapeutic animals to visit with
Terri knowing that she is an animal lover.

20. Ordered no pictures/video taken of Terri.

21. For one year, Oct. 2003 – 2004, all visitors had to be checked by police in order to visit with Terri costing +100K.
22. Schiavo did not pass guardianship education requirements until 2003 despite acting as guardian since 1990.
23. During all court proceedings, Terri never had counsel acting on her behalf, only counsel acting on Michael Schiavo’s behalf.
24. Michael Schiavo’s attorney charging $10,000 - $15,000 to speak about Terri’s case.

Parental rights have been terminated for less than this!

If this gets you as angry as it gets me, here are some things you can do:

Contact Governor Bush and others - here’s a list.

Help defray the legal cost of fighting to save Terri, please go to TerrisFight.org and click on “donations.”

For bloggers, get the truth out.

3 Responses to “A list of abuses of Terri Schiavo”

  1. Jason S. Evans Says:

    This is really sick. I’ve heard Welsey J Smith talk about this issue several times on Issues Etc. It really turns the stomach how this poor woman is treated. What burns my up is that the American Humane Society and PETA would be going into fits if this treatment were given to a dog.

  2. Paul Deignan Says:

    Here is an idea that deserves to be tried: offer to pay the husband to give the parents custody.

    I think its worth going on record here as to our convictions.

  3. Josh S Says:

    By all accounts, the guy loathes his wife. Perhaps he actually tried to beat her to death, but failed, and is trying to complete the deed. If that’s the case, nothing will satisfy him, not even a divorce, a million bucks, and a release from custody. If she’s released, there’s a chance she might spill the beans and tell just where than nasty head injury came from.

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