Christian Carnival

The stripped down, bare bones version.

In order of appearance…

The Bible Archive - An appeal to the Christian Blogosphere to watch what they say online.

Messy Christian - What does church membership signify? Is it even necessary?

Notes - Pleading for the Unbaptized.

Marriages Restored - This is the story of how my affair from a decade ago developed and nearly destroyed my marriage. Today, my husband and I help others through the chaos of infidelity.

Another Man’s Meat - A brief essay on my hopes for the Palestinian election, my fears for the region, and a look at the realities of the region seen through the eyes of scripture and the work of Alan Dershowitz

Every Thought Captive - Some say Christian apologetics have gone the way of the Dodo bird. What are their claims and are their conclusions valid?

Quenta N�rwenion - A list of the music sung at my parish on Sunday, with the lyrics of the Offertory piece and a link to information on their author.

Pseudo-Polymath - A challenge to the reader. Edge had asked lots of academics and scientists what they believed but couldn’t prove. Let’s all play the game too, shall we?

…in the Outer… - In this post I discuss the false dilemma that bad things happening to good people disprove God’s Omnipotence, or that God allowing bad things to happen to good people legitimizes shaking our fists at God. I offer a third alternative in which we acknowledge God’s attributes of greatness and power while admitting our own human limitations and creatureliness.

Broken Masterpieces - The act of giving and the hidden Evangelical scandal behind the lack of giving.

The Rooftop Blog - James Dobson’s first appeal letter of the new year to Focus on the Family supporters promises “a battle of enormous proportions from sea to shining sea if President Bush fails to appoint strict constructionist jurists or if Democrats filibuster to block conservative nominees.” Dobson wags his figure at the president, names six Senate Democrats from red states and threatens to unseat them, as Tom Daschle was tossed out. The only people who should be unnerved by this are evangelical Christians, for the only likely damage will be to the church and its voice in a pluralistic culture.

Ray Pritchard - A consideration of God and the tsunami disaster in light of Walter Brueggemann’s comment: “You are not the God we would have chosen.”

A Penitent Blogger - Humility and Truth in Christ.

The God Blog
- Tsunami Disaster — NO — God didn’t do it!

3:17 - Hands up if you find it easy to adore God in prayer? I find it a real struggle. Here’s a set of ideas to start you off for each day of the week.

Ales Rarus - For those who suffer from sexual addictions, I have good news. The Order of the Legion of Saint Michael has reopened the Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addiction Recovery. CSGAR “is a Catholic group of fellow sufferers from addition to pornography, lust, and sins of the flesh”.

The Great Separation - Some of my thoughts on how this world perceives Christians and an answer to FaithGambler’s questioning about the goodness of man’s heart.

Rebecca Writes - This is a not-too-serious looking at lists, especially a few Biblical lists. It invites the reader to take part in the fun by adding to the list of lists.

Wittenberg Gate - Job and His Children

A Physicist’s Perspective - I review an excellent book on God’s sovereignty by A.W. Pink, and provide a link to the free full-text which is available online. Randomness - I didn’t tell anyone, but for a couple of weeks before leaving for Kansas City I’d lost any real interest in going to Onething–but God had a few surprises in store, not the least of which was overwhelming me with his love.

Sounding the Trumpet - I mention an article in U.S. News about James Dobson’s increased involvement in politics.

Proverbial Wife - Reflections on the film “Finding Neverland” (no spoiler) and what it says (or doesn’t say) about what I term “Foreverland.”

Sierra Faith - Is Judeo-Christian civilization unique in its willingness to help those in need?

Personal Trainer - It is the oldest theological question on the planet. If God is good and all powerful, where does evil originate, and how can it possibly exist? There is nothing like a devastating quake and a tsunami to drive us back to the age old question. It turns out Job and his friends were wrestling with this hot potato thousands of years ago. God gave them some answers, but He left them with some questions.

Effortless Grace - Just a fun little essay considering what an interview with a saint, a sinner, and Satan might sound like if Ted Koppel were the interviewer.

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  1. Broken Masterpieces Says:

    Latest Christian Carnival - 1/12/05 » Christian Carnival Check out the latest Christian Carnival….

  2. Daddypundit Says:

    The Tsunami and God - Part 5
    If there is anything good that has come out of the tragedy in Southeast Asia, it is that people are seeking God. I’ve received a number of hits from people putting “tsunami and God” in their search engines.

  3. The Alliance Says:

    Wednesday Linky Stuff
    Your Filthy Lie assignment: Should Evil Glenn be nominated for US Attorney General? Why or why not? Is due by 8pm CST Friday, January 14th. Late entries must be accompanied by a lame excuse. Christian Carnival #52 is up at

  4. Citizen Z Says:

    Carnival Roundup
    Christian Carnival

  5. personal trainer Says:

    Christian Carnival
    Elle at has posted the Christian Carnival.

  6. The Examined Life » Blog Archive » Christian Carnival Says:

    […] te in keeping up with the Christian Carnival links these past couple of weeks. The current Carnival is being graciously hosted be IntolerantElle.

    This entry was […]

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    Weekly Roundup of Weekly Roundups
    In the spirit of the Carnival of the Carnivals: The Bestofme SymphonyThe Bonfire of the VanitiesThe Carnival of the CapitalistsThe Carnival of the LiberatedThe Carnival of the RecipesThe Carnival of the VanitiesThe Christian CarnivalThe Watcher’s Coun…

  8. Notes Says:

    Christian Carnival LII
    Enjoy Christian Carnival LII at Intolerant Elle

  9. Notes Says:

    Christian Carnival LII
    Enjoy Christian Carnival LII at Intolerant Elle

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