I just met a girl named Maria…

Thanks to someone who calls herself Maria, I now have a commenting policy. It’s a real shame, too, because amidst the blasphemy and name-calling she had some truly excellent points.

1. No anonymous comments. If you have something controversial to say, have the courage to be accountable.

2. If you do not leave an email address, I will assume you are unwilling to be accountable for your comment and will see no need to post it.

3. When commenting moderation is in effect, it is because of spam, not because I disagree with you.

4. The degree to which we disagree is not a factor in my decision to post your comment.

5. I welcome dissent when it is intelligent, thoughtful and honest.

6. I do not welcome personal insults, blasphemy, unsupported accusations or offensive language.

7. If you are beginning to slip into the abyss of religiously hostile madness, your comments will not be posted because someone has to preserve your dignity.

8. I am not obligated to provide you with an explanation as to why your comment was rejected.

9. This blog is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship and I am the dictator. If you want to run things, get your own blog.

10. While I am not an expert in much of anything, please, give me the benefit of the doubt that I have thought through the beliefs for which I stand. It is possible for a woman to use the intellect God gave her to come to these conclusions.

11. This comment policy does not apply to me. Ha ha!

Thanks to Random Daniel and La Shawn Barber for their inspiration.

11 Responses to “I just met a girl named Maria…”

  1. Rodney Olsen Says:

    In The Sound of Music they sang, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”

    Looks like you’ve got that pretty much under control. Great policy.

  2. Elle Says:

    Rodney, that would have been a far better title for the post!

  3. Simon Says:

    What counts as blasphemy? I’ll take it that it’s more than just disagreeing with Christian views, since I have been allowed to post. But where’s the line, just out of curiosity?

  4. Elle Says:

    Simon, I think the line is when it seems like the words are no longer coming from an honest, respectful attempt to discuss the issue. I don’t expect unbelievers to speak as if they do, but they can speak with respect for my beliefs. It will have to be something I learn as I go.

    One of your comments did remind me that I left something out of number six. You can try again if you like, without the offensive language.

  5. Gao Aisa Says:

    I especially liked points #7 and #9.

  6. Elle Says:

    I must be on a roll because I’ve been inspired to add number 6a: I am not obligated to provide you with an explanation as to why your comment was rejected.

  7. Glen Piper Says:


    Nice policy. If it’s ok with you, I might borrow it at some point in the future, as I’ve been having some problems of late with comment spam.

    I’m running WordPress too, and I’m currently using LaughingLizard’s CSPAM and drDave’s SpamKarma (check out his WP Plugin Manager, too). They both work nicely. The recent problem I had was actually with tracback spam that was exploiting a slight vulnerability in SpamKarma, which was quickly fixed.


  8. Elle Says:

    Glen, feel free to borrow the policy - I borrowed bits and pieces from others to form mine.

    Thanks for the spam info - I’m going to look into it!

  9. Elle Says:

    I have updated, rearranged and added to the comment policy, so Gao Aisa’s compliment is no longer necessarily accurate - sorry! It needed to be done, though!

  10. Jason Says:

    This, ma’am, is spectacular! I ran across your blog in my blog-hopping travels, read this and laughed out loud!!! Might I steal it with credit given? Please? pretty please???

  11. Elle Says:

    Most definitely, Jason! I ought to credit La Shawn Barber and Random Daniel (both on my blogroll) for their inspiration as well.

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