Christian Carnival XXXVII

I don’t know why I should be by now, but I was surprised at how many entries there are! Because I am the dictator of this blog, and Nick thought it would be a fun idea, I have labeled some of my favorite posts . I thought I could maybe choose just one, but that was not to be!

Welcome to the party! Come on in and make yourself at home!

Early birds:

~Adrian Warnock’s UK Blog

In Leaning Left or Right, Adrian asks does what political wing you are really matter?


Pastor Dave

In God Has a New Covenant, Pastor Dave asks: Did you ever sign a contract? Did you know God has a contract with his people? He calls it a covenant. What is the difference between God’s covenant in the Old Testament and the New Testament?


Dunmoose the Ageless

In Contemplative Prayer, we read about a recent experience with Contemplative prayer and a short historical sketch of the prayer form.


Neophyte Pundit

In God’s 11th Commandment: Vote(?), Eric discusses his thoughts about voting from an evangelical man’s point of view.


The God

In the post, Internet Evangelism Day 2005, Rev. Mackay explains how you can participate in this first-ever worldwide event.


View From the Pew

In Study of Mark: Mark 6:1-6, we can read a study of the first 6 verses of Mark 6, where we find Jesus trying to proclaim the coming Kingdom of God to his former friends and neighbors in Nazareth.


The Journey

In What in Heaven’s Name are We Doing? read about how the Church of England searches for more bums on seats. Maybe they should search for the reason they exist as a church first.



In Antidepressants–The Truth Just Keeps Coming, Diane asks the question: Are Christians accepting the use of antidepressants too easily? Are Christian psychologists becoming nothing more than “pill-pushers?” This past month the statistics are finally coming in about this method of treatment. This is Part IV of a four-part series.


…in the outer…

In Lies We Have Bought Into #2, The Bloke brings us a discourse on how something about Christianity’s unique message makes it distinctively different from the world’s religion. Then why is one aspect of its practice so uncomfortably similar to my mom’s devotion to her procelain goddess of Mercy?


Baggas’ Blog

In Elections and prayer, Paul asks the question : is it the right thing to do to pray that the candidate or party you favour wins the election?


Mark D. Roberts

In Dan Rather Meets Teddy Stallard: A Warning, Mark proposes while we’re pointing our fingers at Dan Rather, maybe we should look at our own practices. A post for all, especially for preachers/teachers.


Here, let me take your coats!


In Illumination and Instability in the Soul, we learn a little bit about Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses: It is a novel centred on spiritual revelation and the recognition of voices. Rushdie’s fictional prophet Mahound, based on Islam’s founder Mohammed, is a mystical and driven leader who assumes spiritual and political authority…



In The Brothel Creeper, Jeremiah speaks of prostitutes and a King.


Catholicism, holiness and spirituality

In Going out for harvest, we can read a reflection on Matthew 9:36-28 - The Harvest is great, the laborers are few.


The Grey Shadow

In Devotional - September 22, 2004, Prof. Sanchez provides a reflection on Romans 15:7.


Nicene Theology

In A Contract With God, Darren discusses how in contrast with proper covenantal theology, some Christians hold to the idea of a “contract” with God that requires an effort on our part — such as water baptism — to “sign on the dotted line,” or to keep our end of the deal. Are there certain things we must do to be saved, or does this theology smack of the Judaizers’ demand that the first Christian converts be circumcized?


Domestic Excellence and Specialty Housekeeping

Alexa ponders Why we Grieve. a kaliedescope of word-depicting “snapshots” of various forms of grief.


In Rock’em Sock’em Rocky, Rob carefully notes just what a three year old can learn from tv hockey.


Weapon of Mass Distraction

In Madonna Changes Name, Barred From Egypt, Derek asks the question: Is this her version of a midlife crisis, or is she just bizarre? Egypt barred Madonna from entering the country after she announced she would celebrate Yom Kippur in Israel. She also announced that she wants to be called by her new Jewish name, Esther, in keeping with her new belief in Kabbalah.

The irony is that “Esther” is a Persian name. Queen Esther’s Jewish name was Hadassah.


hungry 4 God

In The Greatest Commandment, we can find personal thoughts on how to apply love for God in life.


Yes, please take your shoes off at the door!


In God on PBS, Dick critiques a two part series on The Question of God that has been aired recently on PBS.



In Sayers, Judas Iscariot, and Intellectual Humility, we read reflections on lessons the characterization of Judas Iscariot convey about intellectual humility in Dorothy Sayers’ play-cycle The Man Born to be King.


The Sword’s Path

In I Dream of Jesus, MC Hendrick has dreamt of the rapture of God’s church.



In The Case of the Missing Reverend Alston, we find a summary of less-than-factual circumstances around the Alston-Kerry history, and questions as to the propriety of a Baptist ministernot coming forward with the truth, or at least a reasonable explanation for his actions.


The Bible Archive

The Book of Romans Part 9 (3:10-18) To Rhyme or Not To Rhyme is a continuing the study on the Book of Romans and particularly looking at interpreting Biblical Poetry in this portion of Romans.


In Practical Reality: The Church and Faith, we read: People often suggest that the problem with the Catholic Church is that the Pope could declare errant doctrine. So we examine history to see whether it is the Catholic Church that is changing faith and morals to suit the Church’s leadership.



The post Piety. Industry. Frugality. describes the concepts of piety, industry, & frugality and tries to apply them to a Christian walk.


living on both ends - an exploration of best and worst

In imagio dei, we read about the writing of a sacred moment of teaching, of truth, and how deep, how wide, how high and how long His love is. He meets four year old boy and a forty-two year old women as they ponder the question “What does it mean to carry the image of God within us?”


A Physicist’s Perspective (how approprate!)

In Tolerance and ‘Moral Neutrality, David expands on a lecture he heard a few years ago and explains how much of our society has a wrong view of tolerance, and pretends to be morally neutral on issues when it’s really not. It also explains what true tolerance is.


The fondue is ready!


This is not for the faint of heart is about how too many people that call themselves Christians do not understand fully what submitting to the Lordship of Christ is about. Myself included at times.


Notes in the Key of Life

In InshaAllah, Cindy God’s will as it relates to her brother’s military service.


mental radio

In back seat of the station wagon, we read, “You can’t drive in the rear-view mirror.” And other thoughts ondriving in a station wagon full of kids.


Effortless Grace

Perfection or Destruction is an analogy of how God might work with each person using my experience as a finish carpenter and restorer of wood to perfection (or as close as I can get it). Does God like to destroy? No. Does He use every available avenue to perfect us? Yes.



Holy Men and Pragmatism is a reflection on some lessons learned by a protestant minister from his interactions with Jewish and Muslim clerics.


Another Man’s Meat

Conversion, Part One tells the story of my beginnings in my faith journey. It is part of what has now become a four part (soon to be five) series.


Fashionably late!

Rebecca Writes

In God’s Goodness, Rebecca is Considering God’s goodness: what it means, and what it means to us.


Uncle Sam’s Cabin

The post Battle Ready asks questions about the weapons and manner of Christian warfare hoping someone will take a stab at answering them.



Contraception: This post argues that contraception isn’t in principle wrong, despite arguments to the contrary, yet it also gives some considerations for wanting to avoid most contraceptive methods.

Beyond The Rim…

In Perspective, we tahe a look at how our perspectives change when we become Christians.


My Domestic Church

In Progressive-liberals and pharmacists and the football player, we read about two real life scenarios that illustrate that when progressive liberals promote “pro-choice” values the only choices they really promote are their own.



In Irreligious Studies Challenge Christians, we see how Christian college students are increasingly unprepared to handle the counterfeit Christianity served by Ph.D. “theology professors”. For churches, this is a call to prepare our youth and integrating transplanted college students into the local body of Christ.



Digitus, Finger & Co.

An Unexpected Encounter with Os Guiness is about a brief run-in with Os Guiness


Thanks for coming! Have a nice evening!

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