Racism and Evolution

In his effort to eradicate the Jews and other people groups, Hitler kept by his side Darwin’s classic, the Origin of Species. Why would a maniacal fascist keep a science book around? It becomes more obvious when you read what nearly all copies read today do not bear - the full title: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. There were racist and evolutionary views long before Darwin came along, but his book fuelled the “scientific” justification for it.

This led to such horrific practices as exhibiting pygmies at the 1904 World’s Fair in and in a cage along with an orangutan at the Bronx Zoo. The Austrailian Aborigines were considered to be living “missing links,” and defined by the Australian National Museum as Australian animals. These human beings were allowed to be hunted down and used as specimens in international museums. While American slaves were gaining their technical freedom, these evolutionary ideas were fanning the flames of racism with their deceptions.

There is no skin “color” as such and there is certainly no more than one human race. What we see is just a result of how much melanin our DNA tells our bodies to make. Since evolution is the creation of information by inanimate matter (acids forming themselves into strands of information as well as into the mechanism that reads that information), it would stand to reason that those with more melanin (darker skin) were more highly evolved. Not only did Darwin get it wrong, but he got it wrong when he got it wrong.

I wonder what Darwin would say about the fact that since skin tone, eye shape and other “racial” differences account for such a small percentage of our genetic code (.012%), there is actually more genetic variation within one melanin level (skin “color”) people group than between two very distinctly different melanin level people groups?

Imagine if the terms that described skin pigment concentration were actually accurate. We’d have the Lots-a-Melanins, the Not-so-much-Melanins and the Somewhere-inbetween-Melanins. It might confuse things to not have a “race” label for everyone and it would make people uncomfortable, but it could certainly get us talking about people instead of color.

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