Giant B-flick sized Oysters, please waiter!

Giant fossilized oysters were discovered at the top of a mountain in the Andes a few years ago. The article I read is a few years old, but still relevant. There are two non-conspiracy theory possibilities that explain this:

1. The mountains rose up from the sea due to some serious plate action millions of years ago.
2. They were carried there by the waters only a flood of biblical proportions could muster up.

There are two problems noted with possibility one. First, if those mountains rose up millions upon millions of years ago, the erosion rate would have erased them by now. Second, the oysters are closed. When an oyster dies, it opens. The oysters were fossilized in a closed position, which means they were fossilized under the weight of a tremendous amount of sediment.

A common objection to the biblical flood is “But, where is all that water now?” That is a great question. But it is interesting that the same scientists who ask that question also are trumpeting the existence of water on Mars when there is none in sight.

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  1. bdk Says:

    HAHA!!! I love that last sentence!