Garage Sale Finds

I think after salvation, family, friends, food, shelter, gainful employment and freedom would be the blessing of garage sales. What a wonderful concept! When people in a community have too much junk, they put it all out in front of their houses and invite their neighbors to sift through it and give them money in exchange for the very stuff they don’t even want! Garage sales are a socially acceptable way to be nosey and look through someone else’s stuff - and if you like it enough, you can buy it at a deeply discounted price! There is something strangely satisfying about that.

I’ve been trying to buy furnishings and household items for an apartment and so far I’ve run into some amazing deals:

1. A $3 crockpot - only used twice.

2. A Pampered Chef Generation II Cookware set along with an extra saute pan for $15 (I talked her down from $20. How cheap am I?). I may have to toss two of the pieces, but the rest are in great condition.

3. A matching couch and loveseat in surprisingly good condition for $30. The price tag said $40 and at first I figured it might have either been $140 or possibly $40 for each piece. When I inquired about the price, the lady said she would take $30 for them both. I didn’t even have to bargain!

4. A solid (possibly oak?) wood dining room table with a leaf for $42.50. The feet are ball and claw. The table top is in a sunburst pattern. It needs a little TLC but will be well loved. At first when we tried to take the leaf out and close it, the table was stuck. It is a solid, heavy wood table and probably had not been messed with in years. Two men volunteering at the church rummage sale and my future father-in-law (who subsequently bargained the same two volunteers down to $3 for a computer chair originally priced at $10) worked the table for an hour and with the help of some furniture polish and elbow grease, got it to open and close with some ease.

I like Wichita for several reasons and one of them is that garage sales begin on Thursday. Three days each week, I can go look through someone else’s junk and if I like it, I can buy it. Next on my list: Dining room chairs with padded seats I can recover and an ottoman. A big, fat ottoman.

5 Responses to “Garage Sale Finds”

  1. This Pastor's Wife Says:

    I absolutely love garage sales. In fact I’m supposed to be at a friends house by 7 am tomorrow morning so we can hit a local town wide garage sale day. Goody, goody.

  2. A different Pastor's Wife Says:

    I love garage sales too! Unfortunately where I am we only get about 1 a month (maybe). I miss being in WI where you could spend the whole weekend just following the bright signs along the major roads.
    I did find a good bargain earlier this summer though. I found a Kitchenaid mixer a few years old, but in great condition, hardly used, for only $45.00. I also found the Tupperware lettuce bowl (just like the one my mom had) for only 25 cents.
    Have fun at those garage sales! I wish I could join you!

  3. Elle Says:

    Wow. A Kitchenaid Mixer for $45! That simply rocks! I wish you could join me, too!

  4. Mountain Mama Says:

    I love garage sales too but have not been to many the past few years. I drove by a few but they looked too dirty, and one was just a lot of guy stuff. Estate sales rock for me.

  5. Benjamin Says:

    Garage Sales stink here in PA. Most of the time it is just clothes with snazy slogans like “I’m with stupid” and broken chairs. All the rummage stores are way overpriced and they refuse to negotiate cost. I miss Ohio and West Virginia.

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