Wellness through BBQ

Today Dan took me to the Kansas Masters BBQ Championship which was, oddly enough, sponsored by the Center for Health and Wellness. We got to taste test some seriously excellent artery clogging BBQ ribs and beef brisket and listen to some very loud live music. Maybe I’m just getting old.

I sure wish I had my camera with me because this is what I saw: Volunteers with shirts that said “Center for Health and Wellness” dropping handfuls of greasy ribs, pork and beef into bowls often held by people who were clearly struggling with their own health and wellness. To their credit, I did see a nurse with a stethoscope cruising the grounds in a golf cart. She may have been puffing on a cigarette, but smokey air is better than no air at all when your arteries have had all they can take and you need CPR, right?

4 Responses to “Wellness through BBQ”

  1. Tk Says:

    This is hilarious!!!

  2. Revvin Rev Says:

    Was there a beer garden at this event?

  3. Elle Says:

    Beer WAS being served, as a matter of fact - though there are many who would not bestow the title of “beer” on some of the carbonated, grain-based adult beverages that were being served.

  4. Kerner Says:

    There\’s your problem, then. Real beer would have largely dissapated most of the problems that might be caused by the bar-b-q. Moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease significantly.

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