Sunrise at 30,000 feet

I’ve been too busy to blog lately - but with good reason. Very good reason. The following photos of a sunrise were taken by me on a flight to Kansas. They might have been taken somewhere between Colorado and Texas - I’m not sure. I was up for nearly 24 hours by the time I took these photos.


I was originally assigned a middle seat for the first leg of the trip which was six hours. When I got on the plane, there was a man in the aisle seat and a woman in the window seat. She asked me, “Do you like the window?” It turns out she and the aisle seat guy were travelling together and she happily moved to the middle so I could sit by the window and take these pictures. What a lovely surprise!


Even more lovely was the fact that my fiance would be waiting for me to get off the plane in Kansas. And to top all the loveliness off, I get to spend the summer with him.


I see the news on TV, the internet and hear it on the radio. I know President Bush spoke on immigration last night and appears to finally have a slight clue about the problem - but its really hard for me to care right now. I’m entirely too distracted.

If you will excuse me, I have unpacking to do and a job to find. Lord willing, I can get both done this week. I’m fairly good at getting jobs. It’s the unpacking I’m concerned about.

3 Responses to “Sunrise at 30,000 feet”

  1. Mrs. T. Swede Says:

    Welcome to Kansas! It’s going to be so nice to have you so close. The pictures are gorgeous. I’m glad you got the window seat.

    BTW, for me, my problems would be switched: I would be more worried about finding a job than the unpacking. And the unpacking would be more fun for me, too! ;)

  2. Mountain Mama Says:

    Your pictures are incredible. I have never seen a sunset or sunrise from a plane.
    I hope all works out well for you and you get unpacked without any problem.

  3. The Terrible Swede Says:

    Once again: I got a tear…

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