CSI: Pawn Shop

Possible scene of the crime: A postal shipping center

The evidence: A bubblewrap envelope which appeared to not have been tampered with and a ring box that is missing its ring. A photo of said ring minutes before its wayward departure.

Victim - customer: Victim intended to send a family heirloom engagement ring to her fiance so he could have it repaired and use it as an engagement ring. Victim padded the ring in a small amount of bubblewrap, tucked it inside the bottom of a jewelry store box, closed the box and slipped it into a padded bubblewrap envelope. Victim foolishly left the shipping center without ensuring that the package had been secured with its own self-stick tape.

Suspect1 - clerk: Suspect1 received the unsecured, still open, bubblewrap envelope, processed paperwork to insure the item and presumably send it on its way.

Witness - fiance: Witness received the bubblewrap envelope, opened it up, found the jewelry box inside, but instead of finding a ring, found only a piece of tape. Victim did not put tape inside the box.

Action taken: Victim contacted the manager of the Shipping Center to report the missing ring. Manager said he would file an insurance claim with headquarters and interview the staff in the morning. Victim also filed a police report.

Since the police really have bigger fish to fry than looking for a possible ring theif - if indeed the ring was stolen in their juristiction - they can’t reasonably be expected to devote many man hours to this possible crime. Victim and Victim’s family who are avid CSI fans are going to hit the pawn shop scene in the morning in an attempt to retrieve the missing ring.

Will the family heirloom be recovered? Will there be any evidence linking the ring to a suspect? Will victim at least be able to claim the amount for which the ring was insured?

Stay tuned!

4 Responses to “CSI: Pawn Shop”

  1. mutti Says:

    How terrible. I hope you find it.

  2. Revvin' Rev Says:

    I will stay tuned. Shipping center a USPS place? UPS store?

  3. Mrs. T. Swede Says:

    I hate shipping important items like that. Just the idea that something like that could happen makes me sick. That it happened to you makes me furious. If you lived in Wichita, you could report this crime to the local ABC station and they would air it with a video segment of a reporter trying to get to the bottom of the theft at the shipping place.

    I pray you will find the ring, and that whomever is to blame for its disappearance is rightfully punished. You and Dan deserve the best, and this is not it.

  4. Elle Says:

    I’m going to decline, at this point anyway, to reveal the actual store name on a blog. They are cooperating and investigating, so I’m giving the business itself the benefit of the doubt.

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