Are we tired of this yet?

The banning of the Easter Bunny has been the topic in the blogsphere for a few days now, so it’s not news to most people that an Easter display was removed from City Hall in St. Paul, MN. Jay Leno just had a great comment regarding this:

“How come people want to take the God out of Easter but no one wants to take the Satan out of Halloween?”

While he is just as far off as the PC crowd, it’s a good point. They are far off because these symbols are not Christian symbols, except to those who don’t know what Christianity is, I suppose. They removed secular symbols from a public space for utter fear of offending non-Christians. What they should have done was remove the symbols for fear of offending actual Christians who rightfully despise watered-down secular “Christianity.”

Chicks, bunnies and grass have nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ or Christianity, yet because people are stupid, uninformed slaves of political correctness, they dedicate themselves to eradicating the secular signs of a Christian holiday - to my delight. Go for it! While you’re at it, could you get rid of Santa, his reindeer and Christmas trees? That would be lovely.

2 Responses to “Are we tired of this yet?”

  1. Tk Says:

    A local radio station has started referring to St. Paul as the City of Paul, in response to this incident.

  2. Revvin\' Rev Says:

    South Park, a show I never watch, is in the news because they were not allowed to depict Muhammad to defacate on our President, but Jesus was okay… Go to,2933,191685,00.html for the story

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