State Representative Bob Lynn

With an upcoming mayoral election, I’ve only recently started learning about local politicians and their views in my relatively new city of Anchorage. This morning I read in the Anchorage Daily News that State Representative Bob Lynn of Anchorage has had a Blogspot blog since 2002.

His most recent post entitled Unofficial Things I’ve Learned in the Legislature is way worth the read. He includes things like:

Being a parent of battling teenagers is great preparation for being in the legislature.

There’s a distinct legislative “culture,” similar to the culture aboard a life boat of 60 egotists, isolated in the middle of the ocean. Legislators must tolerate each other to survive in order to reach a destination – any destination.

The more innocous a bill appears to be, the more dangerous it may be.

There may be no relationship between how friendly a colleague is and how much they like you.

Political enemies will stab you in the front; political friends will stab you in the back.

The principal differences between the House and the Senate are length of term and size of the egos.

Lobbyists do actually occupy the lobby.

It’s important to learn how to yawn with your mouth closed at boring committee meetings.

There’s a direct correlation between the length of a legislator’s comments in committee and the number of TV cameras and reporters in the committee room. Ditto: House floor.

Old age, skill and cunning can trump youth, ambition and a full head of hair.

The flattering newspaper article of today will be in the bottom of birdcages and litter boxes tomorrow.

These were just some of my favorites, so follow the above link and give it a read.

I was highly entertained by Bob’s list and read a little more to see exactly what it is this man stands for. It seems like when a representative stands up for life issues, I will pretty much agree with him/her on other things, so whether it is wise or not, I use that as a rough litmus test. What did I find on Bob? In a two year old letter to a teenager, he states:

Yes, I am “Pro-Life.? That means I believe in the protection of God’s precious Gift of Life from the moment of conception until natural death.

…Just because something is “legal? and the “law of the land,? doesn’t necessarily mean it’s morally right.

Think about the old days when it was legal to segregate black Americans from white Americans, and black kids couldn’t even go to the same school as white kids, or eat in the same restaurant, or have fun at the same beach. Segregation was also “legal? and the “law of the land? but it was also an insult to God because God created all of us, regardless of color, or religion, or ability, or anything else. Finally, Americans stood up for what was right, and finally the court ended racial segregation. I hope that someday soon, all Americans will stand up to end abortion, and the court will make it possible to end abortion.

I think I like this guy.

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