My Crazy Neighbor

I have a crazy neighbor. Nice crazy. Friendly crazy. She has a definite southern accent and with it, she turns up her music, opens her door and stands out on her balcony yelling (in the absolute nicest possible way, really) at passersby attempting to start up smalltalk conversations. “How you doin’? Did you go to work today? Awright, you have a good day!” and as they walk off, she laughs to herself. Sometimes it’s a genuine laugh and sometimes it’s the laugh of a madwoman.

She catches me at least once a day, “Hey! How you doin’?”

“I’m doing great, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine. How’s ya motha?”

“She’s doing well.”

“Tell her I say hi!”

“OK! Have a good day!” and by this time I’m in my apartment.

The cold weather we had this winter kept her inside most of the time but as it warms up, she’ll be back to her one-woman block parties.

3 Responses to “My Crazy Neighbor”

  1. Mrs. T. Swede Says:

    I like the nice crazies. It’s the scary crazies you have to watch out for. We’ve had both in our complex.

    The nice crazy is still here. If he sees you in the parking lot, he’ll come up to you and start talking as if you were already in a paused conversation, and talk your ears off. T

    he scary crazy left. He used to scream in his apartment (so everyone around could hear) “Get out of here, Satan! Leave me alone!” Doors would slam and he’d run water for hours on end, and threaten bodily harm to anyone who dared pass by his door. Thankfully, he’s gone now. Said someone accosted him… Maybe it was Satan.

  2. Kobra Says:

    The problem with nice crazies is that they could go mean crazy and you wouldn’t see it coming. Stay on guard and be a good neighbor.


  3. Devona Says:

    She sounds like a loud woman who’s lonely for some southern hospitality. Since she’s up in her own balcony she’s not likely to be able to grab you and shove into her running car, so she sounds safe to me. ;)

    Tell her I say, “hi.”

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