Bored with a Gospel that isn’t social?

I posted previously on ChangePoint Church in Anchorage. Last Sunday they had a big front page story headlined, “Church as community partner,” which merits yet another post. I am willing to grant that the reporter was simply after information regarding the church’s role in the community and not what they actually teach and therefore left the gospel out of the story. What I see here is typical of what is going on with so many churches today - trying to be everything to everyone at the expense of the Gospel.

ChangePoint hired Wacky World, a themed enviroment design firm, to help remodel the new building they bought, specifically the children’s rooms. The rooms will be designed, “along various Alaskan motifs — one with a full-size Super Cub suspended from the ceiling, another with a replica of the Alaska pipeline that kids will be able to use as a slide.” Why?

Churches around the country are beginning to tap into the same things that make Disneyland so effective,” Merriner explains. “And that’s creating themed environments that really are great for kids of all ages. So while we’re holding church services, this will be full of hundreds and hundreds of kids.

Ahh, I see.

When asked why he goes to ChangePoint, retired sales manager, Marty Turnbow stated:

Going here, it was just a little bit different. In the sense that … it’s not just about coming and worshipping. It’s about helping other people in our lives. And that’s really a magnet for me, and that seems to be a magnet for a lot of people.

I would say the church is to be commended for their good works, but that’s all it seems to be about. From this article, and it could be due to its non-gospel focus, I am lead to wonder if change is a requirement, not the fruit, of forgiveness.

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  1. TK Says:

    Please post a phone number or web address so I can make reservations on this cruise ship. it’s sounds wonderful! It’s a cruise ship you’re talking about…right?

    You are too generous. They cannot be commended for their good works. They need to be rebuked for leaving the children out of the “community” worship. I’m willing to bet they also keep kids from baptism, too. Some community partner.

  2. Katie Bryson Says:

    It’s odd that i happened across this blog, since i was neither searching for my father or for anti-abortion blogs but rather for an article I wrote several years ago about pregnancy and dreams.
    I did find it, however, and so will take the chance to share with you this: my father is a professional and, beyond that, enormously dedicated reporter. While it is easy for a blogger to dismiss the work of a writer she will never have to face, and who will likely never see what she has written, I believe in accountability.
    You know nothing about him. Do not presume to speak about what he understands of Christ, or of forgiveness. Do not casually accuse him of quoting people out of context. He would consider that an absolute breach of his responsibility, and I consider it careless libel.

  3. Elle Says:

    Katie, after rereading my post, I think you are absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing it out. Stating that the fault could lie with the author was rather tongue-in-cheek, but if that doesn’t translate via this medium (and your comment is evidence that it doesn’t), it needs to go. I apologize and have amended the references to the article’s author to more accurately convey what I was thinking.

  4. Larry Says:

    Without the Gospel all of those Disney tricks become part of this world that is passing away as we know it.It is sad that those who are claiming to be representatives of the Gospel are looking to be members of the age of men who are coming to nothing.As a matter of fact , that is why I left a Missouri church for a WELs congregation I am attending now.This other church wanted to exactly that be all things to everybody and change traditional worship and switch to a blended version ofworship with some contemporary themes. The sermons were also hollow and were working on resembling those from ELCA or from the so called massively successful movie theater churches. I am also a firm believer that when the Gospel is not present there is no peace. I guess all you have left are your own Works or musings to provide you peace which is no different than unbelievers or those who have tortured consciences.

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