A Crushing Blow

So Alito was confirmed by the Senate and two of my least favorite organizations are, to my delight, simply horrified:

Karen Pearl, interim president of PPFA, issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote is a crushing blow to the protections for women’s health and safety that American women and families have relied on for more than 33 years.

“We applaud those senators who held fast to their principles and voted against Alito’s nomination. However, the American public should be outraged that a majority of the Senate was willing to jeopardize our basic reproductive rights by voting for Judge Alito. Fair-minded Americans will remember this vote when their rights are taken away.”

Crushing blow? What an odd word to use in reference to someone who doesn’t want babies heads to be…well…crushed. And the blow is to…”protections” on which families - including the children who are murdered I suppose - have relied. How many thinking errors can you count in that quote?

While NOW has been fairly quiet since Alito’s confirmation, they did publish this delicious tidbit yesterday:

Supporters of women’s rights, civil rights and the separation of powers lost this pivotal battle because senators who should have been fighting for their constituents chose not to do so. But in the process we exposed the despicable agenda of the right wing, and their unrelenting determination to undermine our rights and liberties.

This is the first of many fights for the soul of our democracy, and we will eventually emerge victorious.

It’s good they see the pro-life fight as unrelenting and determined. I like that. That last sentence? It belongs in an over-dramatic-bargain-bin-barely-historical romance novel.

I am actually enjoying this little dose of schadenfreude.

One Response to “A Crushing Blow”

  1. Jack Kilcrease Says:

    I agree. I look forward to the destruction of Roe v. Wade. Let the smoke of it’s destruction go up forever!!

    As things stand, we need one more supreme court Justice gone to get it overturned. John Paul Stevens is 85 right now and he will be gone very soon. Let me emphasize I do not advocate poisoning him like Ann Coulter (hehe). Anyways, perhaps Bush will appoint three Justices. At this point though, its only a matter of time. If President Bush doesn’t appoint another one, perhaps president McCain, or Rice will!

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