Two old men and Santa Claus

I discovered my first gray hair when I was 17 years old. Since then, I’ve grown an interesting little light gray/white streak at my left temple. It can only be seen when I have my hair swept back or tucked behind my ear and sometimes I dye it a cool color - but I haven’t done so lately.

Earlier in the week, I received a dinner invitation from a man who could have been my grandfather which I, of course, turned down. Today I received a marriage proposal from a man I helped on the street who could have been my father which I, of course, turned down. Then after witnessing a conversation between me and Santa Claus, my mother told me she thought he was hitting on me.

I reviewed with her the three instances above and she asked me, “What do you think this means?” My response to her was, “I think it means I need to dye my hair .”

I’m glad there is a man my age who loves me and thinks it’s funny when Santa hits on me.

3 Responses to “Two old men and Santa Claus”

  1. The Terrible Swede Says:

    Santa’s a perv! An old man hitting on a young lady! He’s a dirty old man.

  2. Elle's Ma Says:

    Elle, nobody even knows that “streak” (what is it? four hairs?) is there besides you. That goes doubly for old buzzards who can’t even see anymore.

    The weird coincidence you experienced last week doesn’t mean you should dye your hair. It means the world is full of old pervs. (Some with excellent taste, of course).

  3. TK Says:

    Elle, this is so-o-o-o funny! The comments are priceless.

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