Alaska Women’s Show

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Alaskans for Life is bringing a suit against Aurora Productions which hosts the Alaska Women’s Show each year. Aurora Productions is a private company not acting on behalf of the government and they did not allow Alaskans For Life to participate in previous Shows.

While I think Aurora Productions should allow the information Alaskans for Life has to be distributed at a Women’s Show, I’m most certainly not of the opinion that our government should force them to offer up a viewpoint they don’t agree with.

How hard is this case, really?

One Response to “Alaska Women’s Show”

  1. Rich Westerfield Says:

    If Alaska Right to Life wins and sets precedent in this case, it’s bad news well beyond just this one show. It would affect every women’s show. Many medical & scientific shows that espouse unpopular solutions would be subject to allowing protest groups in. You’ll get vegans at meatpacking events. McDonald’s at gourmet food events. PETA in every food or fashion show. You’ll get Baptists at Catholic meetings, athiests at Baptist meetings, Jerry Falwell at alternative lifestyle events and Jews for Jesus at Kosher World.

    Once this legal can of worms is opened, it will be impossible to close.

    And if it’s opened under the auspices of “free speech”, then you can assume that the organizers won’t be able to control any element of behaviour inside the exhibit halls and conferences. Anything will go - protests, dead baby dolls, prosletyzing in the aisles… use your imagination.

    Hopefully this case goes nowhere.

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