Craft Show Beer Hat

How can you not want one?

5 Responses to “Craft Show Beer Hat”

  1. Ron Olson, the Terrible Swede Says:

    Does it come in black?

  2. Stiegemeyer Says:

    I used to have one much like it. Or maybe I just dreamed that. In any case, how much you want for it?

  3. John Linna Says:

    Three reasons why I can not like it.
    1, I hate the taste of beer.
    2. I’m a Finnish Pietist.
    3. I would look funny waering it.(Even funnier than usual)
    Now if it had root beer cans it might be different.

  4. Jeff Says:


  5. Elle Says:

    I didn’t make it and if I did, I wouldn’t put it on display or ask for money in exchange for it! I think they were just a little over $10.

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