Check out the long shadows

Almost high noon in Anchorage today.

2 Responses to “Check out the long shadows”

  1. Paul W Says:

    I am reminded to take a picture here at high noon to compare with your high noon. Be glad it\’s not -20. Our sun-up is something like 10AM or later now.

  2. Big Bubba Says:

    Recently I was thinking about Anchorage. I guess I usually do every fall. I remember being an anxious little boy full of anticipation getting up in the morning to see if the night had brought snow to the Chugach Mountains. It there was snow soon it would be down to covering Anchorage.

    Soon my anticipation would turn to the Holiday Season, especially Christmas. There really is something about a white Christmas. I think that the northern European psyche longs for it even when living close to the tropics.

    There was equal anticipation for our religious celebrations during the Holiday Season. Even the children’s choir participated with the adults for the special Christmas musical programs.

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