Russia: More Abortions than Births


About 1.6 million women had an abortion last year, a fifth of them under the age of 18, and about 1.5 million gave birth, said Vladimir Kulakov, vice president of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. “Many more� abortions weren’t reported.

According to the World Factbook, Russia’s population is at 144,526,278 (July 2003) and steadily declining.

The reason, the article surmises, is that after the fall of communism, the economy took a fall and never bounced back. Poverty is blamed for pushing parents to abort. Poverty doesn’t cause abortions, people do.

What is it called when, for whatever reason (economic hardship), an entire section of the population (unborn infants in this case) is targeted and killed?

5 Responses to “Russia: More Abortions than Births”

  1. Dan at Necessary Roughness Says:

    What is it called when, for whatever reason … an entire section of the population … is targeted and killed?

    History repeating itself?

  2. TAJ Says:


  3. Maria Says:

    Poverty does indirectly cause abortions. What are they supposed to do with those kids? The orphanages are already overflowing and millions of kids live on the streets.

    Note, I’m not advocating abortion, just pointing out that your premise is not entirely correct.

  4. bohemian like you Says:

    Noticeably absent from the European Reuters or MosNews stories is the word “adoption� despite 7% of Russian couples who are unable to have children.

    Also, it makes clear that convenience is the sole rationale for the abortions - not incest, rape, or health concerns as the American media will have you believe.

    I have a piece on this on my site too. Glad to see someone else is paying attention to this. I doubt mainstream media will…

  5. Jack Kilcrease Says:

    Maybe the Russian government could work to promote the use of birth control the way that the Thai government has. Though their obviously not overfollowing with money right now, it sounds like they have a major problem. Though their population is about 100 million people less than us, the number of abortions per year seems to be about 50 percent higher than ours. What is most disturbing is the high rate of teen abortions. Interestingly enough, in the US the teen preganacy rate is considerablely lower than it was 40 years ago. This seems mainly due to the fact of better education concerning sexuality in general. Though this is something a departure to my usual agreement with Bush’s policies, I think that the promotion on abstinence is kind of misguided. Luther once made the observation in his Romans commentary that he knows no youth who are chasted who are not serious about religion. The point being that in this secularized society where there is basically very little risk in protected hetrosexual activity (1 in 6 million of getting Aids according to the NY times) then there is no reason to not engage in sex outside of marriage. Wanting to restrain evil, I think its much better to prevent abortions by making certain that everyone has access to birth control.

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