It’s all the rage now!

Employee discounts have found their way from the showroom floor to the craft bin. Joann Fabrics is on the bandwagon!

Update 8/10/05: I just heard a Pizza Hut commercial advertising employee discounts. Save 50% on a pizza. They do limit it to one.

Update: I can’t believe I just did an update on something so trivial and stupid.

3 Responses to “It’s all the rage now!”

  1. Erica Olson Says:

    Oooh! Time to stock up for all your holiday and birthday craft items! Or drive yourself deep into debt with a new car! All these gimicks crack me up. I mean, people who buy things, especially expensive things like cars, on the spur of the moment just to get in on a deal that will probably be even better in a few months… The advertising agencies involved must be making a killing! Darn! Maybe I chose the wrong field! ;)

  2. Chaz Lehmann Says:

    Of course what this means is that employees are losing their discounts. ;-)

  3. Elle Says:

    The unions should really get involved.

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