My, my, my

Tolerance. It is a word misunderstood, misused and selectively practiced by most of society, especially those who so strongly advocate it.

To tolerate means to endure something or someone you find objectionable or offensive. It doesn’t mean to accept, embrace or agree with.

I am openly intolerant about certain things. I have come out of the intolerance closet, so to speak.

In his column, Dennis Prager comments about how although it is the left that accuses the “religious right” of being closed-minded, it is, in reality, the secular left that is closed minded. I would add to that: intolerant. They love to display their tolerance by celebrating diversity, but if something requires tolerance, it isn’t something you celebrate. It is something you endure. They celebrate people’s “diversity” because they agree with, accept and embrace it, not because they tolerate it.

In the last few days I have seen the intolerance of what is more than likely some secular leftists in the form of property damage and theft. Well, ok, I’m just talking about posters advertising an upcoming creation science seminar, but the shoe fits. Several of the posters put up by friends have been torn down or written on. That’s not very nice - or tolerant. They weren’t asked to agree with or accept and certainly not embrace what the poster advertised, but according to their own politics, they are supposed to tolerate it.

I would like to thank Phyllis Schlafly for her column on the Ohio State Board of Education’s approval of a science curriculum that includes a controversial section on the “Critical Analysis of Evolution.” Controversial? How could critical analysis of anything become controversial? I guess when you are afraid of someone poking holes in your raft, you make noise.

Unfortunately, the teachers won’t be required to teach about the criticisms of what is, in fact, just a theory. If the theory is strong, it can certainly stand up to the scrutiny of high school students. If it can’t even do that, it should still be taught, but only along side other novel scientific theories like that offered up by the Flat Earth Society.

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