A Clown Eucharist…

My eyes literally went out of focus when reading this post.

Here (pdf) is the service folder (or should I say “program?”) for which Midwest Conservative Journal posted a link.

  • The Old Testament lesson and Gospel readings were mimed.
  • After the breaking of the bread, the people respond with noisemakers.
  • After the retiring procession, people toss their streamers into the aisles.

The video.

Pastor Paul McCain posted some great stills from the event here.

6 Responses to “A Clown Eucharist…”

  1. Scott Stiegemeyer Says:

    I asked my confirmation student one time what they’d think of rock-n-roll in the church service and one of them insightfully said he thought that’d be like making fun of God. Well, I wonder what my 13-year-old wise ones would say about THIS! How backwards do you have to be to think this is a good thing?

  2. Rachel Says:

    I couldn’t even see the video, the bulletin itself was more than enough. Nothing like turning worship into a big joke! How is that even worship? Who could take it seriously? I’m not sure I could receive the full blessings of communion if given it by a ringmaster. The prelude itself would set me off laughing and there would be no way I could sit through the rest of the service! How horrifying!!

  3. Daniel Sellers Says:


    All you have to say is the letters ECUSA.

  4. preacherman Says:

    Sadly, we dare not forget the LCMS is not far removed, as Stan Lemon reported here:


  5. Bob Waters Says:

    We did this at Warthog Cemetary, too- though it was done with marginally more reverence. To the degree that such a thing can be done reverently.

    “ELCA” also says it all.

  6. Kobra Says:

    “Funny how? Like a clown funny?”


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