The beer tree pictures weren’t enough, apparently

Twylah asked for pictures.

Seward Highway

We took a day trip to Seward and on the way back traffic was stopped for about an hour while a small semi that had flipped and was lying guardrail to guardrail was righted and moved from the road. There are far worse places to be stuck. There were lots of rocks around to keep Dan busy.

10 Responses to “The beer tree pictures weren’t enough, apparently”

  1. Ron Olson, the Darth Swede Says:

    He didn’t lick any rocks there, did he? It’s a bad habit he really needs to break. :P

  2. Ron Olson, the Darth Swede Says:

    I also believe Twylah meant pix of you & Dan. You know together…

  3. Elle Says:


  4. Elle Says:

    I didn’t see him licking any rocks, but maybe that’s why he went clear across the highway to look at them when there were plenty where the car was parked.

  5. Twylah Says:

    Thanks, Elle, and best wishes! Was the weather warm for you? Is that crazy half-underground bar still there on Hwy 1 next to the inlet on the way to Seward?

    Hobbes and I spent our honeymoon somewhere on the Kenai peninsula … I also remember hiking an old Iditarod trail with a 50-lb. pack on my back at 11:45 at night, and crossing a glacial river with garbage bags rubber-banded to my legs. That’s what I remember about Alaska. So romantic!!

  6. Elle Says:

    Twylah, if Dan and I had seen a crazy half-underground bar, we most certainly would have stopped to check it out, good Lutherans that we are! That’s not to say it isn’t there, we just didn’t see it.

    The weather was relatively warm, yes! It was quite pleasant, even (broke records for a day or two, I think)!

  7. Chaz Lehmann Says:

    Did you see the sign pointing to the place I went to college?

    We have one pointing to Seward also.

  8. Elle Says:

    This might be a silly question, Chaz, but where did you go to college? Do you know the half-underground bar Twylah is talking about?

  9. Twylah Says:

    Regarding said half-underground bar, it was called the Bird House and now I’m told it burned down a few years ago. Not too surprising — it was a firetrap when we we there 15 years ago. Every inch of it was covered with stapled-on business cards, ties, underwear, you name it. The cool thing, though, was that you could see Dall sheep wandering around the rocks from the parking lot. Even a sober person could see them!

  10. Chaz Lehmann Says:

    I went to college in Seward, but it was, if I remember right, 4150 miles from Seward, Alaska.

    So I don’t know about the half underground bar that Twylah’s talking about, but there is a similar one in Seward. ;-)

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