Beer Tree

Somewhere between Anchorage and Kenai stands this Beer Tree. It is a tree that is apparently sprouting beer. Unfortunately it’s sprouting Coors Light. If it was sprouting something like Leinenkugel’s, I wouldn’t dare publicize these photos.

Beer Tree
It sprouted about 20 feet off the ground (to the right of the red arrow), so we know it just isn’t possible for someone to have put the beer there.

Beer Tree Close-up
A close-up. The Beer Tree has a strange power that prevents crappy digital cameras from focusing properly.

2 Responses to “Beer Tree”

  1. Ron Olson, the Lego-Porn-Always-Right-and-Taunting Swede Says:

    Of course it’s possible…anything is. Now whether it’s probable is another story. Mmm…beer…

  2. wildboar Says:

    If you ever find one that produces stouts or lagers, let us know!!!

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