Terri’s Legacy

The groundswell of support for life drummed up during the effort to save Terri Schiavo has remained in place and has just been central in saving an 81-year-old woman named Mae Magourik from death, though she has suffered through 12 days of starvation.

BlogsforTerri reports :

Mae Magouirk, an 81-year old grandmother, is not terminally ill, comatose or in a vegetative state, but she is being starved to death in a hospice. Another case of not having a “living will”? NO, wrong again. She has a living will that specifies that she not be denied food or water unless she were in a coma or vegetative state.

Mrs. Magouirk was admitted to the hospital with an aortic dissection, which was contained. Her granddaughter, Beth Gaddy, asked that she be placed in hospice without hydration or food. Gaddy was quoted as saying, “Grandmama is old and I think it is time she went home to Jesus.”

Gaddy, claimed to have a medical power of attorney, but only had a financial power of attorney. Once the hospice became aware of the situation, it prepared to have the feeding tube inserted. But before they could have Magouirk transported to a hospital, Gaddy obtained emergency gardianship over her grandmother from Probate Court Judge Donald W. Boyd.

There are closer living relatives, two siblings, that want to take care of Magouirk, but Gaddy will not consent.

If you thought a medical power of attorney would protect you, it seems that it is not worth the paper it’s written on in some Probate Courts. It looks like low grade euthanasia via denial of food and water to non-terminal patients, regardless of wishes, is becoming “normal”.

After people began calling and making noise about this, BlogsforTerri received an email from Mae’s nephew:

Followed by this email:
THANKS TO THE SUPPORT OF ALL OF THE FRIENDS OF TERRI, MY AUNT MAE MAGOUIRK HAS BEEN AIR LIFTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM MEDICAL CENTER … and receiving IV fluids, nourishment and some of the finest medical care available in the United States! Praise be the name of the Lord GOD… Thanks to Terri’s friends… It would NEVER ever have been possible without bloggers who love life , and the truth!! I am racing from my home to UAB now and will type a detailed update after I see my Aunt Mae! Thanks guys, your calls, emails, blogs and prayers did it ALL!!! I so love you guys!!!!!!!!!! Ken Mullinax, nephew of Mae

-End email

BlogsforTerri reports on other lives saved in Terri’s legacy.

UPDATE: The judge in this case, Judge Boyd, will provide BlogsforTerri with his opinions on this caseMonday. That will be interesting!

2 Responses to “Terri’s Legacy”

  1. Josh S Says:

    She got “emergency power of attorney?” I guess being able to starve your aunt is an “emergency,” so you’d better grant that power quick before the old bat recovers and can feed herself!

  2. JackLewis.net Says:

    Mae Magouirk: updated timeline and commentary
    This is a updated timeline. March 13 — Mae Magourik is hospitalized with a dissected aorta. A condition both her…

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