and on it goes…

Judge Greer quits his church.

The politicians get it right…

As a deal in Congress was worked out to have federal courts decide Terri Schiavo’s fate, emotions swelled outside the brain-damaged woman’s hospice room Saturday, with protesters arrested after they symbolically tried to smuggle in bread and water on her second day without a feeding tube.

And look at this…

President Bush is changing his schedule to return to the White House on Sunday to be in place to sign emergency legislation that would shift the case of a brain-damaged Florida woman to federal courts, the White House said Saturday.

The plan is for the House to act on the two-page bill Sunday or just after midnight Monday morning. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said the Senate then would act on the House legislation, assuming it passes the House as envisioned.

3 Responses to “and on it goes…”

  1. Ma Says:

    I’m going to check the Congressional voting record on this bill after the vote, because that’s what’s going to determine which candidates I will vote for–and against–for the rest of my natural life. “By their fruits you shall know them”? What clearer litmus test could you envision?

  2. Elle Says:

    Totally off topic - I just think it’s cool my mom comments on my blog.

  3. Ma Says:

    Thanks, Sweetie :-) ) !

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