Real life Rambo

Bo Gritz. It’s a name that was vaguely familiar to me before I read this article.

Former Green Beret Commander Bo Gritz is trying to conduct a citizen’s arrest of the Terri Schindler Schiavo’s husband and the judge presiding in the case before the handicapped Florida woman is scheduled to have her feeding tube removed so she can be legally starved to death.

The name sounded familiar because he was involved in helping save lives at Ruby Ridge. I don’t know how he’s going to do all this arresting with all the medals he has on his chest (pictured in above linked article), but may God be with him!

More info and news on Terri’s plight at

3 Responses to “Real life Rambo”

  1. Keith A. Says:

    That guy is just too cool. He’s my new hero.

    I bet he could slam his chest into people and all those medals would knock them unconcious. “Resist arrest, will you? Medal slam!”

  2. Elle Says:

    Maybe that’s how he saves people…medal slaming the bad guys. His superhero name could be Medalslamman.

  3. Josh S Says:

    With a name like “Bo Gritz,” you just KNOW he kicks ass.

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