Yes, you too can become a prostitute!

You know how if you lose your job and have to go on unemployment, part of the deal is that you have to take the first job offered to you for which you qualify?

Well since prostitution has been legalized in Germany, women on unemployment are being offered jobs in brothels and if they find the practice of offering their bodily orafices to strange men in exchange for a percentage of the price someone else sets to be distasteful, they receive a reduction in their benefits.

Thank you, feminism! Thank you value-neutral morality! I’m sure the recently sacked women of Germany are grateful for the opportunity to have gainful employment for their crotches. I bet their husbands think it’s great too! A girl can never bring home too many STD’s, can she?

Now of course a woman isn’t going to be forced (not yet anyway) to take a job as a prostitute, but should her unemployment benefits be reduced because she doesn’t want to rent out her vagina?

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  1. simon Says:


    i haven’t seen this story … but regardless, i join your opinion on it.

    but note neither feminism nor leftism is “value-neutral” morality. one cannot condemn anything if one is value neutral, and as we know, feminists and leftists think there are plenty of things to condemn.

  2. Elle Says:

    You’re right, Simon. I would even argue that value-neutral morality is impossible because even the morality of not instilling or judging values is a value in itself.

  3. simon Says:


  4. anselm Says:

    And the best part is that men can be drafted into male prostitute positions. It’s goo to see there is no sexism here.

  5. Creeping Jenny Says:

    How is coercing women into selling their bodies at all feminist?

  6. Simon Says:

    i’m curious as well. i’ve been waiting for a response as to why feminists would not celebrate women voting in iraq.

    ok, ok, so we know you don’t like feminists, elle. but on what basis do you make such disparaging remarks?

  7. Elle Says:

    I don’t think coercing women into selling their bodies is a feminist ideal, but feminism and the sexual revolution played a large role in breaking down the societal barriers that said prostitution was wrong. An example: instead of working to get women out of the sex industry, the Nevada Chapter of NOW fought to protect prostitute’s rights.

  8. Elle Says:

    Simon, though I’m sure there are a few feminists I wouldn’t like, it’s not the people I have a problem with - it’s feminism I have a problem with. And not even all feminism. I like being able to vote. I like being able to own property and not be owned as property. It’s the second wave, modern feminism I have problems with. I like equality, but I despise the “right” to kill your own child. I like being paid the same wage for doing the same job as a man, but I hate what enticing women into the workplace has done to the family. I should just write a post on this.

  9. Simon Says:


    I think your post should be about what the good moral principles are behind feminist viewpoints, but why those principles do not imply a right to first-trimester abortions or that women should choose a career over being a stay-at-home mom. I think that would be a very interesting post.

    I think explaining why feminist principles do not imply a right to a first-trimester abortion will be the much easier part. I think it will be much harder to show that feminist principles that you think are good support the idea that women have more reason to stay home than to pursue a career.

  10. Creeping Jenny Says:

    I’d think that if there’s a problem (I’ve gotten skeptical), poor planning is more to blame than feminism itself. The problem is that there are human beings working a miserable and degrading job. Some say that the way to correct this is to outlaw the miserable and degrading job, while some say that the way to correct this is to make the job better. Feminists may often falsely think the latter, but I’m not yet totally convinced that (1) feminists are univocally in favor of legalizing prostitution and (2) some form of decriminalization isn’t actually better than outright prohibition. Your article seems to have been>somewhat overblown.

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