Happy Voting Day, Iraq!

Mohammed and Omar of Iraq the Model describe their experience voting. Awesome.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of posts and lack of posts on the Iraqi Election. She links this picture from her site, which was my favorite of the bunch and makes an excellent point by asking, “Will American feminists be celebrating these amazing images and this historic day? The silence is deafening.” Indeed.

Another timely and interesting Carter’s Index at Evangelical Outpost. Maybe numbers can be fun!

3 Responses to “Happy Voting Day, Iraq!”

  1. Simon Says:

    I don’t understand why feminists would not celebrate the fact that women are voting or that picture. What’s the theory, Elle?

  2. Elle Says:

    I don’t know why feminists wouldn’t celebrate women voting in Iraq, either, Simon. Michelle Malkin made the observation, asked the question and I thought it was a good one.

  3. Simon Says:

    That’s just a strange response. No feminist would say that it is not a good thing that the women in iraq are getting to vote. Perhaps some will be concerned that an Islamic state will arise, in which case women will be in trouble. But exercising the right to vote is in no way something feminists wouldn’t celebrate. I don’t know why Malkin raised the question, and i still don’t know why you thought it was a good one.

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