In China, no money - no healthcare

The list of people who let down 25-year-old Huang Jin Bao–who, in fact, left him for dead by the side of the road–includes the police officers who ignored him and the ambulance driver who refused to pick him up because he had no money.

This story is heartbreaking, but it has a good ending.

Twenty-four hours after the accident, an American discovered Huang and took him to the hospital, agreeing to pay the $370 deposit required for treatment.

While I’m not for socializing healthcare, I do believe that if someone needs it, we should find a way to give it. I’ve received care from my hospital here while uninsured and was allowed to pay a small amount each month until the debt was satisfied. How difficult would that be?

I am proud that it was an American who agreed to pay for his treatment, but that could have been a decent, compassionate person from any nation.

3 Responses to “In China, no money - no healthcare”

  1. Rob Says:

    After spending a month in China, I heard more than a few stories about how bad their healthcare is. Especially in the countryside… those people have nothing at all, and very little chance at changing their situation.

    Devona and I both long to go back there someday.

  2. Elle Says:

    That’s cool, Rob. Would you go in a “missionary” capacity? I have some friends over there right now doing that and considered going myself this school year, but God kept putting obstacles in my way, so I guess it wasn’t what He wanted me to do.

  3. Rob Says:

    Yes, we would like to do missions there. I think we’d do it a little differently though — what the missions field calls “creative access” — by setting up a business or service that actually meets some need and fits into the economic and social structure. Well, as easily as two curly-headed, blue eyed, Irish looking people and their baby can fit into the social structure of China, I guess…