Social fostering…it sounds nice…

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Nine couples in China were fined and one, in this story, was fined for $94,250 and had their house sealed off because they had too many children.

[China] has stringent rules on family planning that allow couples usually to have just one child, at least in cities, and limit numbers elsewhere.

Punishment for having more than one child can include having the power to the offending couple’s house or to the houses of relatives being cut off.

These fees are called “social fostering fees.” That sure makes it sound nice, doesn’t it? Oh, social fostering fees? Sure, how bad can that be?

Of course this leads me to think about the pressure on a woman to abort her baby…fines, loss of housing, loss of electricity and relatives not liking their electricity being cut off so much either. Ugh. No wonder people want to come to America.

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