Joe Budden may be right

Much has been made of Joe Budden’s lyrics advocating abortion and violence against women. I thought about it a little bit today, and maybe he has a point in not apologizing. Men have rights, too! Men have been overlooked in the abortion craze. A man will be financially responsible for that child for 18 years! It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars over those years to pay for someone else to raise his child! That’s a lot of money! Think of how many cars and kegs that could buy! It’s not just nine months of discomfort, it’s 18 years of monthly payments and garnished wages! If a woman has the right to kill her own child because she is inconvenienced, shouldn’t a man have that right as well?

NOW must not be as anti-man as I thought they were. I did a quick little search on NOW’s website for any articles they might have written condemning the lyrics in Joe Budden’s remix of an Usher song about causing his inconveniently pregnant “other” girlfriend to lose her child if she refuses to abort. Surprisingly, I found nothing! Huh!

Usual readers will recognize my quirky, sarcastic sense of humor, so for anyone who is new to my writing, I just want to make sure you know that I am using absurdity to illustrate the absurd.

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